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Do you have a question about Mirabell or our products? Here you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked about Mirabell. Your question may possibly already be answered here.

My chocolates have a whitish layer. Why is that?

The problem has been caused by exposure to heat and is not a manufacturing error. Too much heat makes the cocoa butter present in the chocolate rise to the surface; when the chocolate cools, the cocoa butter re-crystallises to leave a white layer. The longer the Mozartkugeln are exposed to warm temperatures, the greater the detrimental effect on their taste and consistency. Mondelēz International operates temperature-controlled production and delivery environments and puts great effort into correct storage and transport. As soon as the chocolates reach our trading partners, we can no longer control outside influences.

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Do your products contain gluten?

Our Mirabell products do not contain gluten. However, despite extreme care and adherence to extremely strict hygienic guidelines we cannot completely exclude that minimal traces of gluten from other products manufactured in our factory may be found in our chocolates. A statement to this effect is made on the packaging as a warning for persons who suffer from coeliac (an allergy of the small intestine towards gluten, a mixture of proteins in rye, wheat, barley, oats and spelt).

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Is it possible to order directly from you?

Unfortunately not. We supply exclusively wholesalers as well as the hotel and catering industry in Austria.

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Is it possible to order your products online?

Mirabell‘s Echte Salzburger Morzartkugeln can be bought in numerous shops in Austria. Should you find yourself without the possibility to visit one of the shops, many Mirabell products can now be ordered online at our distribution partner The online platform Austrian Supermarket – The taste of Austria! is an independent online shop of Consus Handels GmbH. Mirabell cannot influence prices, delivery times and other conditions.

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Where can I obtain free samples?

We often receive enquiries about free samples of our Mirabell products. However, we have to inform you that in principle we do not dispatch any free samples.

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What is the position on sponsorship and donations?

Every day we receive a large number of enquiries requesting us to sponsor their events, festivities etc. with free products or donations. Our enterprise guidelines dictate that we analyse all requests with regard to their affinity to the Mirabell brand. This means, for example, that we are not allowed to make products available for children's parties, sports events or birthday celebrations. We already support a few specific partners (e.g. the International Mozarteum Foundation) which we support financially and with donations of our products. We only donate money to selected charitable projects.

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How can I obtain promotional items?

There are many fans who are enthusiastic not only about our products, but also about our advertising. However, promotional items are only produced for certain advertising campaigns or decorative purposes.

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How can I obtain information for my dissertation / project?

We are glad that you are interested in our company and our products. In the section “Press“ you can find all important information and documents. You can find general information about Mondelēz International at

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Is it possible to visit your factory?

Unfortunately it is not possible to visit our factory in Grödig because of strict safety and hygiene guidelines.

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What is the name of the song in your latest TV ad?

The duet Sull'aria is sung by Susanna and the Countess in Mozart's opera “The Marriage of Figaro”. The recording is by the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra conducted by Pier Giorgio Morandi.

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