Mirabell’s Genuine Salzburger Mozartkugeln are a typical Austrian speciality with a rich tradition and a famous example of Austrian confectionary. They are a popular gift, a typical Austrian souvenir and have become a synonym for Austrian culture and tradition around the world. Here you can find out more about the origins of the Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel.

1756 The birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The history of the Mozartkugel began in Salzburg where the ingenious composer W. A. Mozart was born in 1756.

1890 The Mozartkugel originates from Mozart‘s birthplace: Salzburg

About 100 years after the incredibly gifted composer W. A. Mozart had lived and worked, Paul Fürst, a master confectioner from Salzburg, developed the Mozartkugel. He began by forming small balls of marzipan, which he coated in a praline cream before spearing them on little wooden sticks. After that, he dipped these balls in warm bittersweet chocolate until coated with an even chocolate layer. This was the birth of the Mozartkugel.

1920s Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln follow the original recipe

The Rajsigl-Süßwarenfabrik (later named Mirabell), which was founded in 1897, set up manual production of Mozartkugeln in the 1920s in Salzburg, Grödig, based on the original recipe. Thus the Salzburg origin represents an important aspect of quality.

1948 The origin of the Mirabell brand

The Mirabell Enterprise, named after the famous palace in the city of Mozart, was formerly a branch of the Rajsigl Company, a traditional Salzburg sweet factory founded in the 19th century. After the Second World War Mirabell began to develop independently and the basis was set for the Mirabell brand.

1960s Development of the production process

In order to meet increasing demand the manual manufacturing process was transformed into an industrial method. Nevertheless, Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln are still made with the same love and attention to detail including 14 production stages and a total manufacturing time of 2 ½ hours are needed to produce each individual perfectly-round delicacy.
In comparison to all the other industrially manufactured products that take the name Mozartkugel, the Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel from Mirabell is the only one that is completely round and is still produced in the spirit of the original recipe in Salzburg, the city where Mozart was born.

1970s Registration of the brand Mirabell

The former company Suchard took over Mirabell and the Mirabell trademark was registered in 1976.
At the beginning of the 1980s, classic product marketing was introduced with the launch of the octagonal gift pack and harmonized red and gold color codes.

1982 Launch of Salzburger Mozarttaler

The Salzburger Mozart Medallion is another delicious Mirabell speciality. It was originally named “Tortelettì” and offers the ultimate in enjoyment for milk chocolate lovers.

©SMF/A. Horner
1994 Sponsorship of the International Mozarteum Foundation

Mirabell has for many years now sponsored the International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg which fosters and preserves Mozart’s heritage for future generations.

2002 Launch of Salzburger Mozarttafel

The Salzburger Mozarttafel offers the exceptional Mirabell taste in the form of a delicious milk chocolate tablet.

2006 250th Anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In Mozart’s Anniversary Year Mirabell intensified its cultural sponsorship activities by supporting several exciting projects and launching attractive limited anniversary editions.

2008 Sponsorship of the UEFA 2008

Mirabell was an official sponsor of the European soccer championship that took place in Austria and Switzerland.

2010 Launch of the Mozartkugel in mini-format

The Minis contained all the goodness and taste of the original, but came in mini format.

©Foto Fayer
2011 Official Partner of the Vienna Opera Ball

As an official sponsor, Mirabell Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln sweetened the air at the Austrian event of the year, The Vienna Opera Ball, for the first time.

Mozarthaus Vienna
©Mozarthaus Vienna/D. Peters
2012 Sponsorship of the Mozarthaus Vienna

Mirabell has spent many years sponsoring the Mozarthaus Vienna, which preserves the only remaining apartment in Vienna in which Mozart lived.

Mirabell tram
2013 Tram and bus with Mirabell design

In the summer, people’s attention in city centers was drawn towards the Mirabell tram in Vienna, as well as the Mirabell bus in Salzburg.

Mirabell Vienna Opera Ball photo-lounge
2014 Mirabell VIP photo lounge at the Vienna Opera Ball

Mirabell offered a special highlight for the ball guests in cooperation with the Opera ball photographer: a grand VIP photo lounge where guests could enjoy a stunning photo shoot without charge. The photo memories were sent directly to their smart phones immediately after.